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We show Mortgage Professionals how, by using our unique “Create 5 Strategy”  they can set up a mutually profitable relationship by creating deals with realtors, rather than simply hoping in the traditional ‘deal-for-a-deal’ promise.

Grow Your Business Using Homebot

Ernie Graham is our guest in this episode. He is the Founder of Homebot, a unique app that allows loan officers and realtors to help their clients use equity to help fund retirement. We learn about how Ernie came up with this great idea and how it can be used to grow...

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Finmo Founder Greg Williamson

Joining Scott in today’s episode is Greg Williamson, winner of Mortgage Broker of the Year and Founder of Finmo. The two talk about lessons and failures as a mortgage broker, and Greg shares the vision that he sees for Finmo. This episode is sponsored by Finmo. Finmo...

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Join I Love Mortgage Brokering’s Thriving Community 

Join I Love Mortgage Brokering’s Thriving Community 

We believe that as a community we can better help, grow, inspire, and create. I Love Mortgage Brokering’s goal from the beginning has always been to empower mortgage professional’s journey growing their businesses to goals far beyond our own.

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