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Scott Peckford and Dustan Woodhouse Answer Your Mortgage Broker Questions


Scott talks with Dustan about his new book, Be the Better Broker, Volume 2.

Key Points

  • Volume 1 asks the question, “Should I be a broker?”
  • Volume 2 provides clear instruction for the first 100 days of being a broker, what to do and not to do as you get started in the business.
  • Brand new brokers need to recognize that it is important to generate income right away; balance this with the fact that most brokers will not replace their own income until their third year.
  • Staying in touch and developing relationships with clients in the long-term is an important aspect of the business.
  • Volume 2 is available now and Volume 3 is expected to release this upcoming October.
  • If you’re one of the first two people to catch the same typo in Volume 2, e-mail Dustan with the typo information (page number and sentence) and your address, and he’ll send you a copy of the next book.
  • Perception and attitude play a significant role in affecting your job performance.
  • If you are considering writing a book, write for yourself and not for the envisioned success.
  • Writing down and working through the process of an aspect of your job can help you refine the way you approach problem-solving in your work.




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