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Today we are joined by Ryan Wiley, a broker based in Toronto and CEO of Ryan will be bringing us through the 5 mistakes brokers make when marketing to their database and the 3 things you can do to bring in a lead within 24 hours.

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[2:53] Can you tell us about yourself?

  • I’ve been a broker for approximately 12 years.
  • 7 or 8 years ago, my business plateaued, and I realized I wasn’t spending enough time or energy on my database.
  • I connected with Scott, who owned The VIP Club at the time, and the business grew 40% year over year.
  • I purchased The VIP Club around a year ago and realized my passion for marketing.

[4:06] How many emails do you send out a month?

  • Between 80,000 and 90,000. It’s always growing.
  • I created a fake email address and joined 100 brokers’ lists to learn about the competition.

[5:25] Let’s go through the 5 mistakes brokers make when marketing to their database. What is the first mistake you see?

  • Not having a list/database.
  • Not updating or being consistent with their lists.
  • There are simple steps you can take to automate the process.

[7:30] What’s the second mistake?

  • Constantly marketing about interest rates.
  • If you are hitting people over the head with rates, what’s the first conversation they are going to want to have?
  • It confuses them when you try and explain rates aren’t the most important thing.
  • It sets you up for future failure and comes across as inauthentic.

[10:13] What’s the third mistake?

  • Not having calls to action.
  • Putting information out there with no engagement.
  • It’s as simple as putting a calendar link in an email or asking a question.
  • It’s about creating connection.

[12:38] What’s the fourth mistake?

  • Not connecting with clients.
  • Making it all about you and your business. It should be about what you can do for them.
  • It starts with a question. In The VIP Club, we do contests where you have to answer a question to win.
  • Choose strategic questions and look for opportunities in the responses.
  • You aren’t trying to reach your whole database, just a section that you can go deeper with.

[18:08] What is the fifth and final mistake you see brokers making?

  • Putting out generic content.
  • The content isn’t relevant or has no personality.
  • Sign up for other brokers’ lists and look at what they are putting out.

[20:30] What are the 3 things brokers can do to bring in a lead within 24 hours?

  • These things are simple and cost no money.
  • Ask those strategic questions. Try business related questions to start.
  • Currently, there are rate specials so let your list know there’s opportunity for them to save money. Put together a blurb and send it out. Put a call to action at the end.
  • Build a case study. Explain how you have helped a certain type of client out in the past. Send it out, explain it and give a call to action. It will resonate with some of your list.

[25:42] Any final thoughts?

  • These are simple things.
  • We can go into deeper strategies on another episode.
  • The energy you put into this can be repurposed in many different ways.


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