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Would you like to double your mortgage business with just a few small changes?



I’m Craig Vetter, owner of Vetter Consulting. I’m passionate about helping mortgage professionals take their business to the next level.

I take my experience from over 20 years of Sales and Marketing Experience including creating, building, running and successfully selling my own business for over 10x my initial investment. I am not saying that to impress you but more to impress upon you that I understand the grind of running your own business. And what makes me successful working with brokers is I come into your world without the restrictions of what most mortgage brokers know and how they limit themselves. I work with each and every broker to optimize their strengths and implement proven methods to not only grow your business but to build a business that truly is scalable.

If you’re a mortgage broker looking to take your business to the next level, I’m the coach who will get you there!




“When I first spoke with Craig I told him that I wasn’t looking to grow my business and that I was as busy as I could be, man was I wrong! Craig and I began working together and from day one we created a plan of attack and looked strategically at how I could have more time for my family and how I could increase the size of my business. Well I am so happy that I started working with Craig. Last month was the best month I have ever had and because I was focused, organized and structured it was so easy to do. I am really glad I starting working with Craig and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who is looking at building them dream business and having a fun time doing it!

We have now been working together for over 2 years and my business and profits have had amazing growth. I am so happy I took the time to first speak with Craig. If you get the chance you will not be disappointed!!!

Thank you very much,”

 – Bernie Klacer

Ontario, Real Mortgage Associates

“Craig Vetter understands the mortgage business and gets results for his clients. I have interviewed several of his coaching clients and they are all killing it. He is the only mortgage broker coach in Canada I personally recommend.”

 – Scott Peckford

Broker Nation, Impact Mortgages/ ILMB

“Craig Vetter is a coach that will increase your business. He won’t perform magic, he will make you get your business into shape like a personal trainer. He will build your goals, hold you accountable, and ensure you reap the benefits of your hard work. His systems are simple and effective, I highly recommend him to any Broker who wants to turn their job into a business and take it to whatever level they dream of.”

 – Michael Lloyd

British Columbia, Home Happy Team DLC CME

“I was a little hesitant in hiring Craig initially. Coming into it just thought give it a shot, I was half committed but as we worked together it became a great partnership and I was so glad I fully committed. Its Not a magic pill that all of a sudden things in your business are fixed its really was a mindset shift for me. He helped me through accountability to make small changes that had a big impact. It was all about creating better habits

We also got very clear on what my goals were and we would track and quantify them each and every meeting to ensure we were staying on track The results speak for themselves – and my results are my net profits will more then double in 2016 versus 2015…can’t complain about that!!

I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their mortgage business to the next level!!”

 – Christian Amurao

British Columbia, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts


My process is fairly simple but very effective. After an initial complimentary one hour business review, if you want to work with me, I will identify a couple of steps you can take immediately to increase business. From there, I have a three step process that has proven highly effective!


My ideal client is someone who is fully committed to taking their business to the next level. Amazing results don’t come about with half effort. I’m serious about your business, I expect you to be as well.


If after 30 days of my services you are not completely satisfied with the progress, I will fully refund your investment. It’s that simple. What have you got to lose?