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Top 5 List

Here are the Top 5 Podcasts listened to podcasts. Now… are these episodes┬álistened to most frequently because they are amazing guests with incredible stories OR because we have them separated on a Top 5 list?┬áMaybe a bit of both, regardless you don’t want to miss what these guests have to say.


  1. Hi Scott:

    I wanted to hear all of your webinar on advertising on Facebook but their was a lender in our office that made it really hard to attend it all. I am wondering it I could get a copy of it, it was very good.
    I love your podcasts! To date listened to over 50 of them!
    Thank you, I really appreciate it!
    Take care

  2. Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to let you know, I started listening to your pod cast and am absolutely enthralled by it. Came at a perfect time in my personal and professional life. It’s inspiring and motivational. Thank you for what you do. Maybe 1 day you can interview me.

    Fyi, suprised the kilted mortgage broker isn’t on your top 5….I’ve listened to 14 podcasts in 3 weeks and he’s been by far the BEST interview to date. Can’t wait to listen to them all.

    Thanks Scott.

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