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Tools ‘N’ Tactics is our newest series, highlighting the best apps, tools, and tactics to help make your mortgage business easier, faster, and more profitable.

Our guest this week is Jason Henneberry of

This episode is sponsored by Lendful. Lendful is an online, consumer, unsecured lender, removing the paperwork, streamlining the loan process, and keeping it simple and straightforward for customers. Send an e-mail to to sign up, and let them know that you heard about Lendful through Scott Peckford’s podcast and would like to signup for a referral agreement.


What is DocAssist?

DocAssist provides brokers with on-demand admin support, assisting with anything from document organization and completion to working out missing information for lenders and clients. They also have a compliance package for brokers and lenders.

Generally, they assist with any aspect of documentation related to completing a mortgage.

The idea stemmed from recognizing the need for lessening the overwhelming amount of paperwork most brokers face. A soft launch in April 2016 has since grown to its current stature at the end of the year.

Who is it for?

Brokers and mortgage professionals who feel swamped by their paperwork or administrative responsibilities, who want to increase the efficiency of their deals, and who wants to save time and money through simplifying the documentation process of a deal.

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How Does it Work?

Recognizing the importance of the broker-client relationship, DocAssist does not work with the client at the basic level of serv; just the broker. An additional service is optional for increased communication between DocAssist and the client directly.

The broker continues to provide advice to the specific client. DocAssist serves on the organizational side, supporting the broker through back-0ffice administration.

There are three levels of service available through DocAssist. One optional feature is that DocAssist will connect with the lender on behalf of the broker.

What Does it Cost?

On their pricing page, DocAssist offers three means of payment for their services.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go
  2. Annual Subscription
  3. Monthly Subscription

Additional services are customizable and flexible, tailored to your needs as a broker.

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Normally $50/file, anyone who registers with DocAssist between Dec. 13, 2016 and Jan. 10, 2017 will receive 50% document management for a full three months.

When signing up, mention that you heard about the deal through ILMB.

Choose your payment plan at