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Tools ‘N’ Tactics is our newest series, highlighting the best apps, tools, and tactics to help make your mortgage business easier, faster, and more profitable.

Our guest this week is Chad Weninger of Snap NOA.


What is Snap NOA?

Snap NOA is a subscription service which streamlines the approval process by providing a backstage pass to important financial documents. Gain a notice of assessment package with their simple automation and just the click of a button.


Who is it for?

For brokers in the financial industry, Snap NOA gives quick and straightforward access to necessary documents. Saving clients time and money, Snap NOA speeds up the approval process through providing the information in hours instead of weeks.

By streamlining the process, brokers are able to satisfy conditions quickly and move on to their next deal.



How it Works

Brokers signup through the Snap NOA site with the tailored service which best meets their needs. Simply input your client’s name and e-mail address, and they take care of the rest.

Normally, accessing an NOA would require you to find the information in an old filing cabinet or call CRA and wait 10 business days. The Snap NOA service provides access within 24 hours.

After submitting the name and e-mail on the site, Snap NOA then sends the necessary documents to the client on behalf of the broker. The client then signs the documents and sends them back to Snap NOA. Processed information is then sent directly to the broker.

What Do Brokers Need to Know?

Once the information is submitted through the online form, e-mails are then sent out to Snap NOA providing broker and client information, and the client with an explanation of how the service works.

Through an online signing authorization process, the client finalizes their information, sending it back to Snap NOA. Documents are available to Snap NOA for 30 days for security purposes.

What is Your Pricing?

There are three options tailored to meet specific needs.

  1. On Demand is a per-use service which charges $29.97 for each requested NOA.
  2. Per Month, $49.99/mo with no contract, allows access to 10 NOA requests each month.
  3. Annually, $29.99/mo paid as a lump sum upfront, provides 10 NOA requests each month.



Anyone who signs up using the coupon code ILMB will receive $10 off the monthly subscription fee.

If you sign up in the month of November with a monthly or annual subscription is eligible to win a free year’s worth of subscriptions. The draw will occur on December 1, 2016.