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Tools ‘N’ Tactics is our newest series, highlighting the best apps, tools, and tactics to help make your mortgage business easier, faster, and more profitable.

Our guest this week is Graham Reimer. Graham is a mortgage broker with DLC in Calgary, Alberta and he shares his first experiences using Client Caller and how it landed him the opportunity to get a 8,000 dollar referral commission that he would never have been a part of without this service.


How Does it Work?

The phone is the number one tool to grow your mortgage or real estate business. Unfortunately making calls to your database is hard to do with consistency. Client Caller takes care of this for you. They make phone calls to your database that look invisible, the caller ID from your phone, and the voicemail that is left is in your own voice. We use a proven script that generates referrals and leads. If your client needs help with something you are texted and emailed so you can follow-up with them.

If your client has a real estate related question, or need help Client Caller will text and email you an alert to follow up.


How To Get Started?

5 steps

1. You decide the calling frequency – (We can call your database from 2-4 times per year)

 2. You are assigned a calling assistant. (All our callers are in Canada and speak fluent English.)

 3. You decide on the outgoing phone number. (We make it appear as if our team is calling from your office. This reduces confusion and all return calls go back directly to you. )

 4. We send you an email and text with any requests for a callback.

 5. All voicemails are left with your voice. (We use a recorded voicemail that makes it appear as if you called and left the voicemail.)