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Hello Broker Nation.

I am so happy you are here with me now. I am excited about some of the more recent changes that are being made at ILMB. 2015 is going to be a great year and I look forward to bringing you information that will help you better your game and Be a Better Broker. That is what we are all about.

Regular Podcast Episodes

When I started ILMB in June of 2014, my goal was to do 2 interviews a week. Having already recorded 50+ episodes by the start of 2015… I am proud to say mission accomplished. As we move into 2015, I am going to be scaling back and recording only one episode a week moving forward. This is simply because I have been totally inspired by some of my guests and I want 2015 to be the most profitable year for my mortgage business. And in order to accomplish that, I need to be laser focused on taking care of my clients.

One of the biggest take aways for me this last year from the ILMB podcast has been:

I believe successful mortgage brokers don’t try and do everything themselves, they develop and trust a small team of specialists.

Content Manager

ILMB should be no different. As such, it is with great pleasure that I get to announce the ILMB podcast has partnered with Jackson Middleton the @kiltedbroker from to be our content manager.

Jackson Middleton

Jackson brings with him years of experience with social media and producing incredible mortgage content. Here are some of Jackson’s credentials:

  • Host of the Canadian Mortgage Hangout .TV #cmhTV (nominated for CMP magazine Best Internet Presence in 2014).
  • Spent a couple years with an independent brokerage (where they won the 2014 CMP Magazine Award for Best Branding).
  • Host of the Because Money Podcast, a Canadian financial podcast that has absolutely incredible guests.
  • Owner of KiltedMedia, a company that provides content marketing, website and social media consulting exclusively to Canadian mortgage professionals.
  • Regularly published in both the CMP Magazine and the Mortgage Broker News online.
  • Jackson is known as the @kiltedbroker and is probably one of the most vocal, recognizable and social names in the Canadian mortgage industry.

I am so happy to have Jackson as part of what I have been doing with ILMB and I only predict good things going forward.

Next Steps

Obviously the next step is to figure out what to do with all the information I have collected so far from the regular episodes. The reason I keep the format consistent is now we can start looking through the data to figure out the traits of a successful mortgage broker. Jackson will be a big part of that as our goal is to publish one blog a week with some of the information we have compiled.

We are also looking for someone to join our team as a Community Manager. If you or someone you know is passionate about sharing great information within the broker network, and has a knack for facilitating dialogue, we would love to know!

Mortgage Broker TV

Up to this point ILMB has been all podcasts delivered through Soundcloud and iTunes, well… the next step for us is video. However rather than just doing interviews with a brokers, Mortgage Broker TV – or #MBTV will be a Google+ Hangout that focuses on hot topics. The goal is to line up a couple of expert guests to discuss their thoughts on any breaking mortgage news.

This last week we had an impromptu hangout with Sabeena Bubber and Dustan Woodhouse where we discussed Fixed vs Variable rates. We had over 50 viewers watch the show live and are excited at how much interest the youtube video has seen. Although there isn’t a set schedule (as we really do want to keep it hot topic), we hope to be able to deliver 1 to 2 episodes a month. Have an idea for a topic? Let us know!

Format for 2015

Another piece of information I have gleaned from some of our guests… is that successful mortgage brokers are consistent. At ILMB our goal is to deliver consistent content in 2015. The best plan to deliver consistent content is to have a consistent format. So here is what we are planning.

  • Monday, brokers are busy, we will leave you alone!
  • Tuesday, blog post sharing some insight from previous episodes AND the introduction to our next guest.
  • Wednesday, scheduled regular release of the ILMB Podcast. Email newsletter will be sent out.
  • Thursday, online discussion in our Facebook group, potential release of new #MBTV episodes.
  • Friday, Friday Funday! Let’s face it, Friday is spent either putting out fires at the lawyers office or relaxing.We will keep it light with some fun discussion in the FB group.
  • Enjoy the weekend.


Wow, that covered a lot of material. Here are some of the links to some of the material mentioned above.