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Technology Tuesday – we highlight tools or tech that will help your mortgage business run easier, faster, or cheaper.

Joe Facciolo is back on ILMB to tell us that Guusto has gotten even better! There are 3 new things with Guusto.

Joe was previously on ILMB Ep 86 where he introduced Guusto: a gifting platform where you can impress and delight people with easy gifts. You can give a thank-you to a client or partner, or quickly save face with a ‘sorry’.

1. Guusto On The Web

You can use Guusto on the web from any computer, as well as your mobile device.

2. Time Limited Gifts

Avoid wasted money/gift from unclaimed gifts. Set a time limit on the gift, and if it’s unclaimed, the gift price is credited back to your account.

3. Business Accounts

Guusto now has a business account option. It’s a quick way to send lots of gifts at once.

  • Incent more referrals
  • Increase client loyalty
  • Say sorry to customers
  • Reward great employees

Bonus for ILMB listeners

Joe was nice enough to create a coupon code for ILMB members. Get a $10 credit.

Use coupon code: ILMB

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