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Sua is all-in with commercial brokering.

He was an investment fraud victim in the Eron mortgage scandal in the 90s; he lost his own and his family’s life savings. Today he strives to earn clients’ trust in the mortgage broker industry. Sua worked at CIBC and DLC before joining MortgagesLab. He is the #1 mortgage broker in the Vietnamese community in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland!

Sua’s Quotes

  • Failure is a sign to make a change in direction

Good Stuff

  • runs training sessions for brokers to get into commercial business
  • fewer but larger commercial deals with the clients paying his 1.5% fee
  • business cards – who needs ’em?
  • Sua treats the big banks not as competition, but as referral sources
  • GOYA.
  • set a goal to work towards

Get rich in your niche.

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