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Shawna is CAAMP’s first ever Broker Of The Year, awarded in 2014. Shawna found that she loves helping customers at Wells Fargo/Trans Canada Credit and then onto Bank of Montreal.

The bank manager didn’t show a lot of loyalty to Shawna when she was pregnant. Shawna struck out on her own as a broker with the help and encouragement of her referral partners, realtors, and clients. Shawna joined up with TMG and has not stopped winning since then.


  • 16 years in the industry
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • TMG

Good Stuff

      • Going from a full time salaried bank job is daunting. Shawna says she would have done it sooner.
      • Find a mentor when you’re starting out brokering.
      • Don’t ever stop finding new ways to bring in clients
      • Start your CRM database of clients and contacts right away.

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