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Sarah Schiess, founder of Mint, is our guest in this episode. Sarah returns to the podcast to discuss gathering feedback, dealing with negative reviews, and shifting your business to the digital space.

[3:03] How have you adapted to creating a great customer experience after transitioning to digital?

  • Our primary concern is having consistency across all touch points.
  • Losing the physical space was a change, but the principle remained the same.

[4:25] Can you give us an example of how you used to create an emotional experience face to face and what you do now?

  • I use a lot of sensory stuff, so if they are huggers we would hug, or fist bump etc.
  • Now when texting someone, I will try to respond with pictures or videos. We’ve also been using music, like sending links to songs.
  • We’ve been sending out Tim’s or Starbucks cards, and also ensuring we catch up with existing customers and created special thank yous just for them.

[8:04] Are these unique to the customer?

  • We try to make it unique, but if you are trying to reach a broad spectrum of people, it’s difficult.
  • We always ask for engagement and we try to inject levity and respond back.

[9:40] What percentage of your business comes from past clients?

  • I don’t know the exact number; I am bad at tracking numbers and percentages.
  • It’s probably close to 50-60%.

[10:10] Where does the rest of your business come from?

  • Realtors referring us. People we have worked with.
  • If they aren’t familiar with us, they see us online, see our Google reviews, and that helps to begin the trust.
  • When people reach out, we always try to show gratitude.

[12:16] How did you get over 500 Google reviews?

  • Our customers are awesome.
  • We have always asked for reviews and we send a template out to everybody.
  • The template links to it and how to do it, and asks for feedback on what we can do better.

[13:44] Can you think of an example where someone gave you feedback for an improvement?

  • Yes, we had a review that said everything was great, but it fell apart when it got to the lawyer and no one knew what was going on beyond that.
  • We looked and sure enough that was the case, so we examined how we could improve that process and the relationships with our lawyers to create a better experience.
  • Now we do an introduction between the awesome lawyer and the awesome client.
  • We went back to the client and asked if that was a process that could help and sent him a thank you gift for his help.
  • Part of what we have been doing since 2020 is asking for video and photo follow ups as well, because we can’t see anybody in-person.

[19:32] How many people have sent you responses like that?

  • A tonne. I keep a special folder in my email of them all.

[20:42] Your website is simple but effective. Is it still as effective as pre-pandemic?

  • It is effective but it does need some love.
  • Up front simple is always best.

[24:32] Are you going to be going back to the office?

  • We don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so.

[27:38] Is there anything else we should have touched on?

  • I think tightening up processes is more important now than ever.


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