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Sarah started in the financial industry at RBC’s fraud department in Vancouver, moved to Scotiabank, and eventually started brokering at TMG. Sarah found a mentor who helped her launch own business.

Sarah’s Quotes

  • Everyone is not your customer
  • Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody

Good Stuff

  • Sarah started with free advertising, but found that it returned zero results.
  • Client referrals make up to 60% of her business today.
  • Specialize and find a niche; don’t target all client types.
  • Grande Prairie is a fast-moving small town with a lot of first time home buyers. Sarah focuses on first-time and investor clients.
  • Sarah built a good relationship with 1 underwriter but learned to spread her deals amongst many lenders.
  • Sarah has some success in diversifying income in selling mortgage insurance – so much that she is Mortgage Intelligence’s #1 in Canada for mortgage insurance sales.
  • Alberta has a few unspoken lending rules due to the downward trend in the oil and gas industry.
  • Keeps work life balance.
  • Create and maintain a database right from the start of your career.
  • Focus less on referral sources, but more on client and underwriter relationships.
Sarah is actively looking for an assistant right now!

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