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Today we are joined by Rob Townsley, a mortgage and financial broker who is a part of the 10 Loans a Month coaching program. Rob is with us to discuss how he has become a coach to his realtor partners.

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[2:08] Tell us about yourself and your business.

  • I was a financial planner for 10 years before I became a broker.
  • I came to brokering after a client I had went to get a mortgage from a bank and they tried to take the investment side of their business away from me. I took my client to a broker, got them a better deal and decided I wanted to become a broker.

[4:22] What is a quote that has had an impact on you? How do you implement it in life?

  • My dad always said, ‘you make money for other people, not yourself’ so I decided to prove him wrong.

[5:09] What failures have you had in your career and what were the lessons learned?

  • I wish I had started my database from day 1. I didn’t see the potential impact for the future.

[5:50] What tools do you use now to help with that?

  • Mailchimp.
  • Spreadsheets for tracking referrals.

[6:15] How did you come to coaching?

  • You asked if we wanted to be the big guy in business, equal to our realtor partners or a teacher and coach. I decided I wanted to coach because it’s something I’m good at.
  • I learned from the program that changing my mindset is the most important thing when coaching.

[6:50] What changes in your mindset did you make?

  • I read about how to sell and communicate in real estate and brought it forward.
  • I was on the verge of giving up the business, but the program helped me with perspective.

[7:51] What was the first thing you tried with coaching?

  • I did open houses with realtors. It allowed the opportunity to meet clients.

[9:48] What other successes have you had partnering with real estate agents?

  • We have set up a first-time home buyers plan, and wealth building has grown from that.
  • I’ve also been doing online course teaching.

[12:17] What effect has that had on your pipeline?

  • Definite increase as more realtors want to get involved.
  • One new realtor has gone to 140k for the year and she just started last year. I’ve given away probably 15 referrals.

[13:13] What is your production this year over last?

  • January to June I surpassed last year, so double or triple by the end of the year.

[13:39] Tell us about the Love 19 Campaign and the spinoff.

  • I had 2 amazing realtors involved. As a broker, you want to stay in the background and put them up front.
  • They are so busy we haven’t been through the data yet but we are working on it.

[15:50] What changes have you made to your sales processes?

  • Hired an assistant and a social media manager to allow more focus.

[17:00] What’s your biggest takeaway from the 10 Loans a Month Program?

  • Mindset is important in life, not just business.

[18:38] What’s holding brokers back from success?

  • Picking up the phone.

[19:12] What’s a habit you have picked up for success?

  • It’s allowed me to keep a clear head.

[19:37] What book would you recommend?

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

[20:06] If you had $100,000 to invest in your business, what would you do?

  • Invest more in technology and setup for videos and online.

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