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Resources for Mortgage Brokers

Below are a few of my favourite resources for Mortgage Brokers.


Text Expander – An amazing program that will literally save you hours of typing. Save large and small blocks of text and retrieve them with just a couple clicks of the keyboard. Here is a video showing how I use it. The video shows just the tip of the iceberg with what is possible. I”m looking at creating a Text Expander course for Mortgage Brokers. If you are interested email me.

Leadpages – This has got to be the easiest program to set up landing pages. Setting up a landing page is simple and it integrates nicely into any WordPress site.

Wave – It took me forever to convince my wife to switch from Simply, but this program rocks for managing your business bookkeeping. Oh and did I mention it is free?!

Fivver – I have used Fivver to create the intro audio clips for the podcast. I have also used them to create my company voicemail, free reports plus an entire myriad of other activities. The best part is the price starts at $5. If I need something done or don’t want to do it myself I usually check Fiverr first to see if I can find someone to do it for me on the cheap.

Elance – I have 2 virtual assistants who help me with my business. I found them both on Elance. One of them helps me with the podcast while the other updates my mailing lists and does other random tasks for me on a weekly basis.

ScheduleOnce – I use this program to schedule phone calls and meetings with my clients. Instead of the usual back and forth trying to find a time that works I simply send them a link to my calendar and let them choose what works best for them. It also allows me to block out time for other work or family priorities so I don’t double book myself.

Mailchimp – I currently use Mailchimp for my client newsletter. It is free and seems to have enough functionality at this point. I am considering upgrading, but I’m still looking for the right fit for my business.


Website Stuff

WordPress – I use this for all of my websites. It is free, extremely customizable and has incredible support. Think of something you wish your website could do then type in Google “Thing I wish + WordPress Plugin” and I bet you find someone has already built a free or cheap way to do what you are looking to do. It is simply amazing.

Bluehost – I use bluehost to host my websites.

SumoMe – This is the program I use to collect email addresses and built my list. This program has increased my conversion rate by a staggering amount. Definitely worth a look.

Call Recorder – I use a call recorder on Skype to record all of my podcasts. I then convert to mp3 and send to my virtual assistant who takes care of the rest of the mixing and posting.






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