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    Nick Bachusky is a Mortgage Broker with  MORTGAGE IN OTTAWA. He was recently highlighted in CMP magazine as one of the Young Guns of our industry and was awarded Mortgage Agent of the year by his peers by Faces Magazine in Ottawa. He also runs a weekly podcast called Lunch Out Loud Ottawa. If you are interested in attending a free webinar to find out how Nick has built a local radio show that has over 20,000 downloads you can register here.


    Years as a Broker: 3

    Location: Ottawa

    Brokerage: Mortgage Forces


    [shadowbox][Tweet ““If you really want to keep a success start by doing the opposite of  what everyone else is doing.” “][/shadowbox]


    • Blow your clients away with awesome customer service
    • Grow your business by engaging your community
    • He shares how working at the Bank wasn’t working for him and why he jumped to Brokering – you have to listen to his story
    • Interested in starting a community podcast to build your reach and connect in your community? – Register Here
    • Why talking to 20 realtors a week is not the best way to grow your business
    • He created a “un-networking” group that has helped him grow his influence


    Next Issue – 100+ magazines for $9.99 a month


    The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz

    We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World by Simon Mainwaring


    Visit Nick’s Personal Website

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    1. Don’t take things personally

    2. Get involved in the community right in a way

    3. Join sports teams and groups that you love to do.


    I started a local podcast called, Lunch Out Loud Kelowna. We have already recorded our first interview and have some amazing guests lined up. Thanks Nick for the inspiration! I think this is a great way to build relationships with some of the most interesting people in my community.

    I also have been thinking about my posture at my desk and I just ordered a sweet adjustable desk that allows me to stand.

    What one thing are you going to change or improve after listening to this interview?