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We are starting a new series to showcase the services of the Funding Department called Niche Lender. Adam, Dean, and Eric are guys that love doing B Deals and they are really good at doing them. The reason they started the Funding Department was for a few reasons. They can get B Deals done that brokers have trouble with, they will even split the commission from the deal with you OR they will teach you how to do the deals in the future. They wanted to spread awareness of what is possible in the B space.

Vist to find out more.


Key points

There are 3 types of brokers that will benefit the most from The Funding Department.

-The Broker who doesn’t like to do them at all.

-The Broker who wants to do them but doesn’t have the skills.

-The Broker who loves doing B deals.

We pay out half the fee to you.

The client will always be your client.

Live Niche Lender episodes are LIVE in the I Love Mortgage Brokering Facebook group (private) Wednesdays at 10 am. If you have questions about the space you can ask them during the recording.



Contact Adam and the Funding Department



Phone: 1-604-309-2277