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Our guest host for this episode is Jordan Thomson, a broker based in Vancouver who does a great job using video to interact with her social media followers. She is joined by Kyra Wong, District Vice President of Manulife and Founder of The Magical Unicorn Project.

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[2:29] When did you get started in the mortgage industry?

  • I got my first job working as a receptionist for a mortgage company when I was eighteen.
  • From there, I became a mortgage clerk. I got to see how much mortgage brokers were making and decided to do it.

[4:07] Some of your bad experiences as a young adult shaped you and your career. Can you tell me about those?

  • We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we can react.
  • In adversity, there’s always an opportunity that can be leveraged.

[6:35] You use the term “failing forward.” Tell me more about that.

  • In our society we’re not taught that failure is okay, but anyone who has had massive success has had a lot of failure along the way.
  • It’s not failure if you’re learning from it.
  • So many people are too afraid to try something.

[10:15] You said you had to “grind through the ranks” at Manulife. What did that entail?

  • You have to shatter through the glass of limited beliefs. There are stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true but stop us from reaching our full potential.
  • I’ve had to deal with people looking at me and thinking I’m not the most capable person.
  • In my growth journey, I always had really successful mentors around me. They were all men and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
  • I think when there’s more diversity at the table, it just brings in a different perspective.

[15:36] Tell me more about The Magical Unicorn Project.

  • When I was promoted to District Vice President in 2017, I felt like I needed to do something to give back.
  • I saw a chart that outlined how few women and minorities are up high in the corporate world.
  • When there’s systemic justice going on, it’s hard for half of the population to address that. Women need the support of good men.

[20:25] You dress as a unicorn and you knew that people would judge you for it. I love that you still had the courage to do it.

  • People thought that it would be career suicide, but I knew exactly what I was doing. I know how hard it is for people to accept difference.
  • I’m challenging people to accept difference, and I think of the people who challenge me as donkeys.

[24:35] You’re doing a keynote speech soon. What is that about?

  • It’s about my personal journey. I talk about how I broke out of a scarcity mindset and started going for it.
  • After I gave birth to my son, I started becoming brave. That became the new normal.

[26:20] Talk about your advice of grounding yourself every day.

  • A lot of people get caught up in surviving life instead of living it.
  • The first thing you need to do is make yourself a priority. Knowing that, we need to do things every day to ground us and keep us in a positive state.
  • I write down three small wins I have every day. You can grow from acknowledging these.

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