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Krista was a forestry grad from UBC in Vancouver, and her smart brother suggested that Krista would be an excellent mortgage broker, and she was off and running. She found a mentor and learned the underwriting ropes before going out on her own.


Krista’s Quotes

  • I shall judge nothing that occurs

Good Stuff

  • talk to underwriters with respect and compassion
  • some deals go sideways – find the nugget to learn from
  • some lenders have investors who peek at deals
  • stay in close touch with underwriters
  • ensure you stay in touch with clients after a deal goes sideways – keep them on your side
  • to help educated friends and contacts, Krista brands herself on personal Facebook account as Krista Klein MortgageBroker
  • at a client meeting, the client is there to talk about themselves
  • what not to put in your newsletter? mortgage news and rate sheets

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