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Julie Jeffery was back on the show to talk about mindset. She shares with us her 4 pillars for building and maintaining a proper mindset.Julie was last on the show in episode 133.


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133: Julie Jeffery on How Systems and Service are the Keys to Building a Great Business

Timestamped Show Notes

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    • [2:40] Do you and Andy do the same role or do you do different things in the business?
      • We both take in leads and look after our own clients.
      • We never mix and match clients.
      • Andy deals with 75% of the files while I deal with 25% and management the brokerage and the agent team.
    • [5:00] What is the first of the 4 pillars?
      • Balance: This is not just work/life this is all aspects of your life.
      • If you have an imbalance it can be hard to achieve your goals.
    • [5:50] What are you doing to keep your professional life balanced?
      • The biggest thing we have done is stick to our systems and processes. If we deviate from our systems it causes chaos.
    • [8:08] You have to let go to grow.
    • [9:10] What are you doing to keep your personal life balance?
      • I hire help to deal with the chores. I love my job and I love spending time with my family. Freeing myself from the chores of life lets me have more happy moments with my family.
      • If I could get a nanny for me, I would.
    • [13:05] What’s the 2nd pillar?
      • Gratitude: We are brokers have a lot of choice in everything that we do. Coming from the bank I had no choice.
    • [14:35] How do you  cultivate gratitude?
      • There are lots of great books. (You can find them in the references section below)
      • If I see someone who is frustrated I’ll reach out and ask if they want to talk about it.
      • I try my best on Fridays to spend the afternoon having lunch with my husband talking about the good things that have happened to us that week.
    • [20:05] What is pillar number 3?
      • Connection: I’m obsessed with the idea of that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
      • I still meet every client I can at pre-approval.
      • If I spend 45 mins with a client that is a client for life.
    • [23:50] Who is your favourite band?
      • Cheap Trick.
    • [25:20] How are you using Instagram?
      • I think it’s the place that our under 30 clients go to vet us.
    • [29:00] Any final thoughts about cultivating a mindset?
      •  Being as engaged with the broker community is the best way to keep motivated.