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Today we are joined by Jewels Ferris, a broker with DLC as well as Scott’s business partner. Jewels joins us today to discuss process, prospecting, and how she went from being a brand-new broker to the top 2% in her company.

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[3:03] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • I was a bartender and manager of a restaurant, and a customer came in who owned his own broker business. He took me aside and said he thought it was something I would be good at and there was a job for me if I wanted it.
  • I was looking for a change, so I jumped at the chance.
  • I got my license and volunteered while I was studying.

[4:49] How long did you volunteer for?

  • I volunteered for around 6 months and was an underwriter for about 18 months.

[6:19] What quote has had an impact on your life and business and how do you implement it?

  • ‘I work to live; I don’t live to work’ and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’
  • I set boundaries. This business is so demanding, so it’s easy to work 14-hour days every day.
  • I don’t work weekends and I don’t negotiate my morning routine.
  • I delegate to my team so I can start the day from a place of peace.

[8:39] What’s the reasoning behind not taking meetings on Mondays?

  • Mondays are the busiest days.
  • Not having meetings allows me more personal development time and more time to catch up on requests.

[9:35] Tell us about a failure you have experienced and what you learned from it.

  • Hiring a team was extremely challenging and took a while.
  • I’d never owned a business before, and I don’t think I was compensating correctly in the beginning.
  • You get what you pay for.

[12:20] What’s something you’ve changed or improved in your systems?

  • We recently implemented more control to the lawyer appointment process.
  • Our clients sign a lawyer consent form for information sharing and we have templated emails that we send out with detailed breakdowns of each client.
  • I also make recommendations for lawyers and around 80-90% of clients take that recommendation.
  • Lawyers communicate directly with us so we can put out any fires.

[15:23] What have you been doing to grow your business?

  • I took the 10 Realtors course.
  • We are organically growing through past client referrals.

[16;29] I would say that your process is so good that it has led to growth, would you agree?

  • 100%
  • We’ve worked at growing and bettering our process for years, and I think this year we nailed it.

[17:44] How do you apply high touch philosophy to your business?

  • By controlling the process, we make sure it goes smoothly.
  • We will do anything we possibly can for our clints.

[19:48] What’s the one thing holding brokers back from success?

  • Not having processes in place.

[20:50] What’s one habit that’s made you successful?

  • Positivity and genuine care for people.

[21:40] What internet resource or software tool would you recommend?

  • Pipedrive CRM.

[21:51] What book would you recommend?

  • Dustan Woodhouse’s Be the Better Broker series.

[22:40] What does your production look like this year?

  • We are on track for $60 million.

[23:30] What’s your goal for next year and how do you plan to reach it?

  • $80 million.
  • I need to put myself out there more and hire at least one more person.

[24:20] If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself starting out?

  • Get your database in place right away.

[25:44] Any final advice?

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and accept challenges.


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