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Jared is a Business Development Officer/Underwriter at Alt Mortgages. Jared recently won CAAMP/MPC’s Underwriter of the Year Award for 2015. Jared started at RBC, and was poached into private lending position. Jared is on fire; he averages 80 B-deals a week.


  • 7 years in the industry
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Alt Mortgages, a rapidly growing private lender in Vancouver.

Jared’s Quotes

  • equity doesn’t make a bad deal good; it makes a bad deal better
  • you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do

Good Stuff

  • B-deals: have a client story that matches the documentation
  • clean proposals get processed first; even better when your proposals are consistently clean and built from templates
  • advocate for the client; be upfront with the client/deal’s negatives
  • forget the subjective/persuasive points in your deal proposal

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