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Interested in establishing a brand new client base or growing your current business?

Broker JD Smythe shares his story about how he accomplished both through this simple technique.


The Technique

JD found white panel vans in Home Depot parking lots and would walk up to the driver, pitching a simple script.

He noticed that contractors and small-business owners typically drove similar vehicles.

Handing them a card, he would say, “Hi, my name is JD. I am a mortgage broker who specializes in finding money for contractors. My father was a contractor and always had difficulty finding money. When I become a broker, I decided to focus on helping people just like him. Let me know how if I can help in any way.”

Remember: people who are self-employed do not have access to the same benefits of a person at a typical job. There are programs available for these situations.

The need exists and a broker can offer a solution.

He soon found himself with a growing client base, despite starting from nothing.

The Goal

Without fail, if JD handed out 20 cards, he would have 5 people who booked a meeting, 3 would show up, and 1 resulted in a new deal.

In his first month, JD had funded 2 separate mortgages. Within 3 months, he had to hire an assistant to keep up with all of the business he had generated from this simple strategy.

Here is the best part: JD has never had to prospect again since these initial 90 days.

Would you be willing to do something like this for 90 days to launch your mortgage business?


The Background

Prior to his career in real estate, JD was a Business Development Manager for CHIP/HomEquity. Despite his reputability through past connections, JD resolved not to lever his natural market while establishing a new network. He needed brand new connections, and with this strategy he made it happen.

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