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We are joined by Ian Lee in this episode, a mortgage loan officer in Colorado Springs. Only in business for the last 12 months, Ian has scaled up his business from closing 5 loans in a 6-month period to 65. Ian is with us to discuss the importance of the client journey, implementation, and having strong operating procedures.

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[2:16] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • I was an engineer and started a firm with someone. At the same time, I bought my first house.
  • The mortgage industry collapsed, and I struggled to keep it. I was given a poor loan by the mortgage lender.
  • I self-educated, saved the house, and realized it was a great way to build wealth.

[4:40] What quote has had an impact on you? How do you implement it in life?

  • “Implementation means everything.”
  • Your ability to implement sets you apart.

[8:02] Can you tell us about a failure you had in your career and what you learned from it?

  • In 2012, my cousin and I opened Lee Spirits Company, a pre-prohibition-style distillery.
  • We created a speakeasy-style tasting room where I bartended, and the demand was totally unexpected. We had 2 hour waits out the door.
  • I ended up bartending for 6 months and getting burned out because we had no systems in place to replace me. It delayed our growth and pulled focus away from the business.

[11:39] How did you rectify that situation?

  • We sat down and created operating procedures and implemented SOPs that allowed any role to be taken over easily. Now we are at a place where we don’t have to be there day to day.

[12:30] How did you make the time to create these procedures?

  • You need the mentality that you are going to work like no one else works for a few years so that you can live like no one else lives for the rest of them.

[14:10] What improvement have you made to your systems in the last 6 months?

  • A year ago, I didn’t have any systems.
  • I developed a pitch deck and began cataloguing clients in a CRM.
  • Mapping the client journey from first to last interaction with me.

[16:35] Did you use customer mapping at the distillery?

  • Kind of. We tried to create an environment for our ideal clients and ended up creating an experience that kept them coming back.
  • I realized this is how you communicate value and get clients to enjoy the process.

[18:02] What changes have you made to your sales process?

  • Talking with financial planners and property managers instead of just real estate agents to increase leads.
  • Around 25% of leads are from financial planners.

[21:31]} What is your biggest takeaway from the 10 Loans a Month program?

  • Confidence.

[22:57] What is the one thing holding brokers back from success?

  • Systems.

[23:25] What’s your one habit for success?

  • Every day I go to work and for 1 hour, I learn and improve before I do anything else.

[25:59] What does your business look like right now?

  • The average loan is between $250,000 and $300,000.
  • Initially I did 5 loans in the first 6 months. I closed 65 in the last 6 months.

[27:29] What software do you use?

  • CRM.
  • Zoom.
  • Calendly.

[29:45] What book would you recommend?

  • Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

[31:36] What advice would you go back ang give yourself?

  • Trust your authenticity and share why you do this job.

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