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Scott Peckford and Stephen Gagnon Answer Your Mortgage Broker Questions


This week’s question comes from Tim Osborn, a Licensed Mortgage Professional in the Vernon/Armstrong, BC area. He asks: how would moving into a real estate office affect business and relationships with other realtors? Our guest speaker Stephen Gagnon of Mortgage Designers at Mortgage Architects in Victoria, BC shares his answers and similar experience.



Key Points

  • A large portion of our growth has come from having access to realtors on a daily basis and building relationships along the way.
  • Mortgage Designers is in-house with RE/MAX Camosun.
  • The initial reluctance was that we limited ourselves to one captive audience: our real estate agents.
  • Not every realtor will refer clients to you, but over time relationships strengthen. Showing your ability to add value to what they’re selling to their clients further builds those connections.
  • We sit in on weekly meetings and provide relevant information which agents can relay to their clients.
  • If a realtor leaves the office but still has a strong relationship with you, hold any future meetings outside of the office.
  • Hosting social events allows your realtors to get to know you as individuals instead of simply colleagues.
  • Social environments provide more effective means for building relationships.
  • We have an open-door policy, especially because we’re in-house.
  • As you are starting out, remember the 80-20 rule; focus on building relationships with the 20% of realtors doing 80% of the work. Also foster relationships with newer realtors.
  • Maintaining and continuing to build relationships is crucial.
  • If you have done a deal to help one of the realtors in the office, ask them to do a testimonial at one of the weekly meetings.




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