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Mark Goode is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres based in Orillia, ON.

We previously interviewed Mark in 2014 on Episode 11 of ILMB.

Mark writes over 500 loans each year and is highly successful in the industry. Some of his most recent awards include his Inspiration Award and Hall of Fame Award from DLC in 2015, as well as MPP Top Performers in the same year. Through direct referrals from clients, agents, and others he has worked with over the years, Mark has built his success on relationships and hard work. He is also a partial owner of a golf course. One of his most recent investments is in a local pest control company.

Mark discusses how he effectively manages his time, the ways he has built a successful team, and the most important factors in bringing value to a business.





  • 15 years in the industry
  • Orillia, ON
  • Mortgage Man (Dominion Lending Centres)

Mark’s Quotes

  • It is okay to make mistakes if you can learn from them.
  • Put out the fires right away.
  • Without structure, you’ll find yourself in chaos. 

Good Stuff

  • [1:58] How do you manage your time? What is your typical day like?
  • [2:39] You can’t work 16 hour days without burning out. Find balance.
  • [3:08] How many hours a week do you put into your work?
  • [3:19] Tell us about your mortgage business.
  • [3:41] What are your other businesses?
  • [3:58] How do you find a good team?
  • [4:20] I didn’t look for people within the industry.
  • [4:53] What qualities do you look for in a potential new hire?
  • [5:13] Our next team member will work full-time in social media and marketing.
  • [5:39] Find someone who is hard-working, gets along well with the staff, and is teachable.
  • [6:14] Do you have an interview process? How do you filter your initial contact with people?
  • [7:12] Have you ever had a situation where your staff didn’t mesh well with a potential hire?
  • [7:51] How do you not become the bottleneck in your businesses?
  • [8:49] It’s okay to make mistakes, but learn what not to do for next time.
  • [9:36] What do you do in a situation where you’re continually the bottleneck?
  • [10:22] If an employee makes a significant mistake in the business, how do you approach the problem?
  • [11:23] Have you ever had to fire a person on your team?
  • [13:14] We needed to let the person go, but it was not an easy decision.
  • [13:32] What specifically do you do to effectively manage your time?
  • [14:00] We seek to avoid fires before they happen.
  • [15:12] How do you structure your schedules?
  • [16:02] In 90-95% of deals I personally meet with the clients.
  • [17:18] It is better to be more efficient upfront than to lose more time later on.
  • [17:31] How do you protect your time blocks?
  • [18:57] How much time do you dedicate to your side-businesses?
  • [19:26] Have a good, trustworthy staff. Set aside the time you need for your other businesses.
  • [21:22] Many people don’t have a business plan.
  • [21:48] What have you found to be an effective business plan?
  • [22:55] Win and work as a team.
  • [23:22] What parts of your schedule do you find to be most beneficial to your success?
  • [24:35] Follow current trends in the market, and meet with your accountant each week.
  • [24:49] My accountant sits in my office for the entire day, every Wednesday.
  • [26:21] What practical advice can you give to mortgage brokers looking to improve on their time management?
  • [27:33] Find the most efficient way to spend your time each day.
  • [28:18] What are the three most effective ways to bring value to your business?
  • [28:20] Prospecting is a major factor.
  • [28:53] Database management is another way.
  • [29:01] Meeting with clients, talking to them, and asking for referrals.
  • [29:45] How often do you e-mail your database?
  • [30:32] Find the balance with your clients.


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