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Sitting in again on this episode of the podcast is Dion Beg who works alongside Scott in the 10 Loans a Month program. He is here to talk about the recent implementation of his lead generation strategy that he guided a real estate agent through. We hear about what this process was like, which involved Dion only meeting the real estate agent for the first time on the night of the event they planned together. Dion also discusses the results that this real estate agent is seeing thanks to this event.

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[3:32] Tell me about this guy you connected with and how it played out.
• Over the phone, I explained the concept of 10 Loans a Month to this realtor named Tom.
• He asked to get started, so I sent him the standard marketing package that we give to all the realtors that we work with.
• The one thing I tell realtors that I can’t do for them is call their database. We give them the rest of the content needed to get people out to the event.

[5:32] You mentioned he got some people to show up to his event who weren’t even his clients.
• He created an event on Eventbrite.
• It gets posted to a public board, so anyone interested in that topic could see it and attend.
• He actually had twenty people show up who weren’t his clients.

[6:32] What was the result of his presentation?
• It lasted about an hour, and he had about fifty people in the room. Many were couples, so we count it as about thirty leads.
• We got sixteen completed forms from the event.
• It’s been about a week, and I already have two completed applications. The rest will trickle in.
• The people at these events usually have significant equity.

[8:35] Let’s cut to the video of you and Tom speaking right after the event.
• Everyone that came felt like they were blown away.
• The process was systematized and very seamless.

[11:15] How happy was Tom after you had that meeting with him?
• Extremely happy. Realtors will spend months calling their database, asking for referrals, and so on. If they can get two deals a month, they’re pretty happy.
• That’s twenty-four deals a year. We created eight in an hour.
• I only met Tom face-to-face for the first time at the event. Since then, we’ve teamed up and we share our conversations.
• Rate is almost never discussed with clients. We talk about a plan to make their family one to two million dollars.

[14:55] How much time did you personally put into this whole thing?
• About two hours, plus the one-hour presentation.
• Realtors spend about a hundred dollars on food and drinks for the events, and often they can use a room at their brokerage for no cost.

[15:58] The realtor typically gets eight deals, so how does it work out for the mortgage person?
• Almost always, the first interaction with a client is two transactions: a re-finance of their existing home and a down payment on a new one.

[17:49] There are so many people you can serve with this.
• Veterans in the industry often tell me how great of an idea it is.

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