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Scott welcomes Dion Beg back to the show today. Together, they discuss how an event generated twenty-four leads from six realtors in a single hour. The guys talk about why it’s better to create rather than give deals and typical conversion rates from holding an event like this.

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[1:45] Walk me through what’s it’s like to create deals instead of give deals.

  • When you’re creating deals, you don’t walk into the office and say, “here are some clients of mine I’d like for you to service.”
  • It’s about telling the realtor that inside their database, they’ve got a whole bunch of clients who can buy from the realtor on a regular basis.
  • Typically, five or less people in the database out of one hundred will move this year. We need to generate business from the other ninety-five.

[3:53] These people have already done business with the real estate agent.

  • I always ask people if they’d rather spend their eight-hour day chasing an internet lead and proving to them that they’re the right person versus spend eight hours with someone who knows them already, which would they like to work with?
  • Another thing that the realtors we work with find very useful is that they know if they send us a first-time home buyer, we’re going to be preparing that buyer for a future rental purchase.

[6:53] What has your experience been like when you have this conversation? How often are you talking about rates?

  • We show those ninety-five people how we can potentially solve some of their biggest potential financial problems, like paying off their house or paying for their kid’s education.
  • Once we position ourselves as people solving those problems and show them the numbers, they just want to know the plan. Interest rates are secondary to them getting debt-free.

[8:12] Tell me about the event you did recently where realtors from different brands came together to do an event.

  • Two business partners I worked with said they wanted me to meet some friends of theirs who worked for different companies.
  • They all joined forces and agreed they wanted to do the event. They already knew each other, and they didn’t see any potential loss of clients by going to a multi-branded event.

[9:56] Let’s check out this video that you shot at the end of the event.

[10:47] Tell me about how the event went in terms of numbers.

  • The realtors pulled at least eighty people into the room. Of those eighty, we know most are couples so there are probably forty selling opportunities. The conversation rate is typically around 50%, but we were slightly higher on this night with twenty-four.
  • Of those twenty-four, we’ll convert ten to twelve into a deal.
  • In a different presentation a couple of weeks ago, a realtor got over one million dollars in funding from a single client.

[14:08] It is way more valuable to be a deal creator. There’s no competition and the real estate agent will share your info between different brands. They always have friends who are also real estate agents.

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