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In today’s episode we are joined by Cornell Tullock. He is a client of Scott’s 10 Loans a Month program and wanted to share his experience with the program and the amazing results he’s been seeing from it. Open houses are often the most intimidating strategy to recruit realtors, but as Cornell shows us, even open houses are easy when you have enough confidence.

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[2:03] When did you get into the mortgage business and what were you doing before?

  • I’ve been in the business for about three and a half years. Before that, I was in retail management for about fifteen years.
  • The only regret I have about this transition is that I didn’t do it sooner.
  • When I was part of the 10 Realtor program, I liked that a lot of the things I learned from it correlated with what I had experienced in retail management.

[4:23] What was the biggest learning curve when moving into real estate brokerage?

  • No one’s ever going to make it happen for you, unlike when I had a massive organization advertising for me each week.
  • For me, the transition was easy because I like doing things that are brand new.
  • My wife has even gotten into the business from seeing the fun that I’m having.

[5:56] What was one of the biggest takeaways that you got from the 10 Realtor program?

  • Ensuring that you have a plan set out ahead of time, as opposed to just having a spontaneous conversation with a realtor.

[6:51] In terms of realtors that you had when you went into the program and by the time you finished, where did you end up?

  • I wasn’t calling them anymore, they were initiating the conversations. Follow-up is key, but they began really wanting to engage with me.

[7:41] What have you done with the open house strategy from the 10 Loans a Month program?

  • I wanted to think outside the box. In my preparation, I developed a bag with a business card and some snacks.
  • When I go in, I get asked if I’m there to view the home or if I’m a realtor, and I say I’m neither. They usually don’t want anything to do with me at first, but I give them the bag and explain. They start engaging in a conversation.

[9:37] You visited seven open houses. From those, how many people did you set up meetings with?

  • I’ve met with six thus far and I’m meeting with the seventh tomorrow. I’ve already received two leads.

[10:44] After setting up a meeting from the open house, you nail it in those meetings.

  • When we have our meeting, at that point, they’re prepared to listen to anything that I have to say. The rapport is already there.
  • They either provide me with referral details right there and then, or a couple of hours later.

[12:54] There are people out there who are worried because business is slowing down. What’s your mindset around this right now?

  • I think the year has been great. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are always going to be challenges.
  • It’s up to you to continue to utilize the opportunities that present themselves to you or that you create.

[15:00] Anything else that you think would be good to share?

  • The 10 Loans a Month program was time well spent and I’ve been able to form a lot of new relationships because of it.


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