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Adam Hawryluk is a mortgage broker with Canadian Mortgage Experts in Nanaimo, BC. He holds his BBA from Vancouver Island University, and received his Mortgage Broker license from the UBC Sauder School of Business in 2009.

Adam is passionate about education, the community of Nanaimo, and helping clients find solutions. He shares experiences and past failures which have led him to his success today.

Adam talks about taking risks, the importance of personal improvement, and how a willingness to learn can result in long-term success.




Adam’s Quotes

  • Take a chance, s— your pants.
  • Your main competitors are not others in your industry, your main competitors are your distractions.
  • I’m not here to make money at my clients’ expense; my entire purpose is to solve problems.

Good Stuff

  • [2:34] How did you get into the mortgage business?
  • [3:44] Tell us about your first year as a broker.
  • [4:46] The market fluctuates with the time of year.
  • [5:43] What quotes have had the most impact on you?
  • [6:31] How have you applied these quotes to your career?
  • [7:40] Could you share an experience where you’ve failed and what you’ve learned from it?
  • [9:13] What do you do differently as a result of that experience?
  • [10:11] Can you give an example of a sales or marketing initiative you’ve tried and have improved on over time?
  • [12:05] What is the best event you’ve done?
  • [12:42] Who helps with hosting?
  • [13:53] What is something you’ve recently implemented in your business that you wish you started earlier?
  • [15:32] What are your thoughts on the need to diversify your income?
  • [16:44] When you change your debt levels, you should review your insurance.
  • [17:15] What’s the main thing holding back mortgage brokers from success?
  • [17:26] What are you doing to improve as a broker?
  • [18:05] Training is an investment, not an expense.
  • [18:16] What has made you successful?
  • [18:30] My entire purpose is to solve problems.
  • [18:48] What technology have you’ve used to help with your success?
  • [19:02] Are there resources you would recommend for our listeners?
  • [19:13] What three pieces of advice would you give your past self?
  • [19:42] How can people contact you?


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