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Today we are joined by Marlon Fernando. Marlon is a top agent with his own agency, Marlon Fernando Mortgage Team. He is a consistent executor and has shaved 4 hours off of his workday. He joins us today to discuss his experiences in making the changes that led to this increase in efficiency.

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[1:35] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • I’ve been a broker for a total of 10 years, 5 of which have been in Toronto.
  • I started out at Scotiabank as a call centre agent, then moved up to a financial advisor and was still unsatisfied.
  • I love lending and working on financial plans. Banks only offer one product and have stringent qualification rules.

[4:16] What is a quote that has had an impact on you? How do you implement it in life?

  • “The harder I work, the more luck I have.” -Thomas Jefferson.
  • It’s the motto of my life. I came to Canada as a refugee and started from zero.

[5:36] What failures have you had in your career and what were the lessons learned?

  • Relying on others and thinking they had my best interests in mind.
  • In my previous business I did all the work while my partner reaped the benefits. I learned to work my own way.

[9:32] What changes have you made in your systems to improve your business in the last 12 months?

  • Mapping the customer journey for more clarity.
  • Hiring assistants and expanding my staff and delegating to them.
  • Streamlining my software to G-Suite and using the HubSpot CRM.

[13:25] How has that affected the hours you put in?

  • I used to work 8am to 11pm. Now I am able to work 8am to 5 or 6pm.

[14:00] What improvements have you made in lead generation?

  • I have always loved talking to clients and I have implemented a better structure with my calls.

[15:25] Are you a naturally structured person or was it a difficult thing to implement?

  • I would say I am a hybrid.
  • There are certain routines and structures in my life and work that I have. Implementing structures in brokering took time because it is so different from banking.

[17:40] If you could re-do the first 90 days of starting your business, what would you change?

  • I would reach out to as many people as possible, networking and building a strong circle.

[18:39] What are your takeaways from the 10 Loans a Month program?

  • Recognizing the value of implementing structure in my business.
  • Learning the need to adapt to change.

[19:39] How has your view of Game of Phones changed since you began the program?

  • Initially I was skeptical of it.
  • After lockdown began, I decided to try it but set my own rules.
  • I set a target of 40 calls a day and to utilize my existing database.

[22:03] What is the one thing that is holding back brokers?

  • Procrastination.

[22:39] What are some of your favourite resources to use?

  • HubSpot.
  • Lender Spotlight.
  • G-Suite.
  • Evernote.
  • Finmo.

[23:43] What book would you recommend everyone read?

  • The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber

[24:20] If you had $100,000 to invest in your business, what would you do?

  • I would invest in better digital marketing and utilize my database and email lists more.

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