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Our guest this week is Lisa Manwaring, she is back to talk to us about how her, and her team, managed to double their business over the last year.

Lisa is a past guest of ILMB, and you can find his previous episode here.



  •  14 years in the industry
  • Delta,BC

Lisa’s Quotes

  • The big change for us has been process
  • Learn to let go, stop being a control freak. 
  • The most important part of any program you use is that you are using it. 
  • Caffeine fuels my morning.

Good Stuff

  • [2:13] What’s working for you?
  • [3:43] How did you find out this was for you?
  • [8:00] What’s one thing you wish you had learned sooner?
  • [8:55] Where you still able to take a vacation this year?
  • [10:10] Trello is a fantastic program to give you the ability to quickly look at a file.
  • [11:45] Getting back to the basics and talking to your realtors can really help your business.
  • [12:55] What percentage of your business is from realtors and what percentage is from referrals?
  • [14:40] I prefer that the initial application from the client be over the phone.
  • [16:20] What’s your phone calling process look like?
  • [17:30] What sort of system do you have for calling past clients?
  • [18:33] I’m not a huge fan of email because I feel it can be deleted to easily.
  • [18:53] What does your morning routine look like?
  • [20:36] I will generally cut the phone off at 9 pm.
  • [21:19] What is one thing you can tell us that we can’t learn from googling you?



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