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Today we are joined by Denise Laframboise. Denise is a top broker with Element Mortgage Group and comes from a health care background. She joins us today to discuss her career journey.

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Today we are joined by Denise Laframboise. Denise is a top broker with Element Mortgage Group and comes from a health care background. She joins us today to discuss her career journey.

[2.20] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • I was unhappy with my career at the time and began researching new careers then I took a 5-day course.

[2.40] What was your previous career?

  • I was in Medical Radiation Technology.

[3.20] Was it really only a 5-day course?

  • Yes, then it was just a matter of finding someone willing to take me on under their license.

[3.40] What is a quote that has had an impact on you?

  • “Your life will become better by making others lives better” ~ Will Smith

[3.52] How do you apply that to your business and personal life?

  • If there is any way I can help someone, then I have to try.
  • Volunteer work in the community.
  • Supporting small businesses on social media.
  • I realized I could help those same business owners which has led to a lot more B lending than anticipated.

[5.40] Is that still the case?

  • Typical clients have a high net worth, structured differently to what the A lender stress test allows to qualify.

[5.55] Where does your business come from?

  • Word of mouth and referrals

[6.22] What percentage of business would you say comes from BFS?

  • 45%

[6.32] Are there many accountants you work with?

  • I would much rather work with accountants.
  • If they are doing their job, they are writing off all your income.
  • Banks say you don’t make any money and don’t qualify. Alternative lenders look at the whole picture.

[7.54] What failures have you had in your career and what were the lessons learned?

  • Balancing shift work and a family.
  • I failed at being someone else’s employee.
  • I learned to use scheduling, making me in control of the hours I want to work.

[9.45] Do you block off time in your calendar so clients can see your availability?

  • If you called my phone at 2am I would answer and ask how I could help you.

[10.40] If you could go back and re-do the 1st 90 days of setting up your business again, what would you change?

  • I would do everything exactly the same.

[10.49] What did you do in your 1st 90 days that was useful?

  • Listened to this podcast, made lists of books to read.
  • Took note of ideas I could implement.
  • Making weekly videos on different topics.

[11.37] Are you still making videos?

  • Yes, but not as routinely as when I worked part-time.

[12.20] Were you intimidated producing video content?

  • People give things more power than they deserve.
  • Only interested audiences will watch, everyone else will keep scrolling.

[13.05] Have you got more comfortable making video?

  • I don’t like public speaking but I just pretend only 1 person is watching.

[13.30] What is the biggest helpful change you have made to your business in the last 12 months?

  • Committing to an IT team and integrating systems to use Microsoft.

[15.05] What kind of CRM do you use?

  • It links to social media.
  • It is separate from Microsoft but can link to G Suite.

[15.56] What are your takeaways from the 10 Loans a Month program?

  • Be organized with your systems.
  • Having a strong network and community is important.

[17.12] What do you think is the one thing holding people back from success?

  • Not having a really strong, reliable team.

[18.14] What one thing has made you successful?

  • Determination.

[19.00] How do you implement that with so much on your plate?

  • Something is better done than perfect.
  • With 3 kids I don’t have time to overthink things.

[19.53] What are your favourite business tools?

  • Microsoft Planner
  • Outlook Signatures

[20.48] What one book would you recommend to others?

  • To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink

[21.29] If you had $100,000 to invest in your business, what would you do?

  • Promote my current assistant and hire another one.
  • Improve my database.

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