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Cheryl Sanguinetti, a broker with The Mortgage Gallery in Calgary and one of the first people to go through our $25 Million Dollar Blueprint program, talks with Scott in this episode. They discuss the importance of being bold and driven in the mortgage space.

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[2:50] Tell us about yourself.

  • I’m based in Calgary, Alberta with The Mortgage Gallery.
  • I’ve been licensed since the end of 2016.

[3:08] What were you doing before?

  • I was at home looking after my 3 boys.
  • I’d been in and out of real estate and financing since I was 20 years old.

[3:38] Have you loved every minute of it or has it been more challenging than you expected?

  • It’s not harder than I thought outside of the mental strength it takes to navigate the ups and downs.

[4:20] What quote has had an impact on your life and business?

  • “What is the true cost of this?”
  • “If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?”

[4:48] How have you applied that in your life?

  • I was born a yes person.
  • I had to look at what I was saying yes to and what it would take away time from. You have to weigh the worth.

[5:24] What’s something you said no to recently?

  • A realtor had asked me to do a webinar series for new homeowners. I knew that our values didn’t align and it wasn’t worth it in the long-term.

[6:24] Tell us about a failure you have experienced and what you learned from it.

  • I didn’t get my processes and systems in place from the beginning
  • I could have definitely seen more growth and had less stress.

[7:45] What’s something you’ve changed or improved in your systems?

  • Finding a CRM and getting things on paper.
  • I use Trello and Door for easy workflow management.

[8:56] Do you have an assistant now?

  • That’s a tricky question! It’s been hard to find someone because I’m very specific and my whole business is based on relationships.
  • I need someone I know can handle the client care as well as the rest.

[12:00] After coming into the $25 Million Blueprint program, do you remember how long it was until you hit $10 million?

  • Almost the next year.

[13:24] What changes have you made in your sales process?

  • I’ve had to make a big change because I’ve always relied on face-to-face to build relationships.
  • I realized there’s still ways to connect and it’s given me the capacity to help more people.

[14:30] Do you prefer Zoom or phone?

  • Both, but for new homeowners I use Zoom so we can screen share.
  • You just have to make sure the follow up is still there.

[15:02] What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

  • Using the All About You form.
  • Getting your goals on paper every morning to keep you focused and prioritize.

[17:02] What’s the one thing holding brokers back from success?

  • Being willing to do the uncomfortable things.

[17:12] What’s something that was uncomfortable for you but isn’t now?

  • Getting in front of new referral sources and learning to accept rejection or being second choice.

[17:42] What’s one habit that’s made you successful?

  • Persistence and commitment to excellence.

[18:35] What internet resource or software would you recommend?

  • Trello
  • The Golden Coil journals.

[21:10] If you could go back to when you started, what 3 things would you tell yourself?

  • Get processes and systems in place.
  • Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.
  • Be bold.

[23:20] Any final thoughts for our listeners?

  • Everything that is meant for me is already mine. Don’t hang on so tightly and try to force things.


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