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Today we are joined by Asim Ali, a broker based in Surrey, B.C. Asim is returning to the podcast for his second appearance to discuss shifting your focus to team building and finding the right people for your team. He also provides insight on how he ensures his team is operating efficiently.

[2:08] What changes have you made in the last year to help your business grow?

  • The biggest change has been towards team building. I realized as a broker there is only so much I can do in one day.

[3:39] Was letting people go a problem for you?

  • It was a sticking point.
  • It’s going to cost money and time in the future if you don’t do what you need to.

[5:37] What size team did you have and what size is it now?

  • Last year there was 3 of us, and I have just hired 2 more people.
  • My ideal team size if I want to reach $500 million is 6 people.

[6:56] How do you train the people on your team?

  • Everyone has different qualities. Based on that and what they enjoy, I assign them tasks.
  • I take time to learn about them.
  • I don’t have time to train so it is mostly hands-on.
  • I look for people who are hardworking, fast learners and that are good with tech.

[9:00] Do the people you just hired have previous experience in the industry?

  • One does, the other doesn’t.

[9:58] How many people that work for you come from a debt collecting background like yourself?

  • Just one.

[11:30] How did you find your team?

  • Nav was someone I already knew, Deep we found through a job posting.
  • Of the new hires, one was a referral, and one was a previous client.

[12:13] What is the source of your business?

  • It’s built over time.
  • I would say around 80% comes from our database and referrals.

[13:10] Why do you think that is?

  • Communication is a huge part of our process.
  • I nurture relationships.

[14:23] When the pandemic is over, do you think you will go back to face-to-face business?

  • It will be a mix. The face-to-face is important for relationship building.

[15:27] What changes have you made since COVID hit that have helped you?

  • Streamlining the online process and using more automation with email templates.

[16:52] When a lead comes in, what is the process?

  • Before, I was taking all initial leads and the follow up went to the team.
  • It’s not sustainable for growth to continue that way. I need to be able to spend time to create more efficient systems.

[18:50] If someone else takes a lead, do they run it end-to-end?

  • We are working on making that the case.

[20:39] What advice would you go back and give yourself when you were at $100 million in production?

  • Start team building earlier. You should get an assistant after you hit $30 million in production.

[21:59] Is there any other advice you would like to give our listeners?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask other brokers for help. Create relationships that you can build on.


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