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    Heidi’s positive attitude and energy are contagious. Her care for her clients is a big part of her success. Heidi reminded me that
    words matter. Especially words we use when talking to our clients. She also shares her simple, but effective method for asking for the business.


    Years as a Broker: 11

    Brokerage: Mortgage Architects

    Team Size: 6


    [shadowbox]”The harder I work, the luckier I get.” [/shadowbox]



    Heidi’s Website

    Heidi’s Linkedin


    Exiumus – Web based CRM


    • Don’t put anything on the internet that you don’t want everybody to know.
    • Wake up everyday with a mindset set to EXCELLENT!
    • Don’t assume. You need to take one step further and ask question!
    • How Heidi adapted her mail newsletter and made it more effective


    I added a step to my closing process where I now add my clients on Facebook and LinkedIn once their mortgage has closed. I also plan to copy Heidi’s use of Facebook as a supplement to my email newsletter. I think Facebook, if used correctly, can help me stay connected with my clients in a way a newsletter cannot. I plan to post 80% personal content and 20% work related content. I also set a posting schedule because I find Facebook can be a big time suck if I”m not careful. Which is why I have avoided it up until this point.


    What one thing are you going to change or improve after listening to this interview?