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Dion Beg joins Scott in today’s podcast. Dion worked with Scott in the 10 Loans a Month program and is an excellent deal creator. He uses a strategy that he first learned in the program to hold events that allow for collaboration between realtors and deals for all. Dion walks us through this process and talks about how even real estate agents suddenly discover that they should invest in real estate after speaking with him.

Timestamped Show Notes

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[1:11] Tell me about when you got into the mortgage space.
• Moved to Canada from Australia ten years ago after being a financial planner.
• Learned that most of my clients got their money from real estate.
• Australians are more likely to invest in real estate than Canadians.
• For the last couple of years, I’ve made over $60,000,000 per year.
• The goal of many of our clients is setting up their kids for education, so we work out the numbers and figure out how many properties they need.

[4:47] You have really figured out how to communicate the value of an investor.
• Every year, I meet new realtors who realize that they need to be investing in more real estate themselves.
• I use the “create five” strategy that I learned in your program.
• We talk to the 90% of people in a realtor’s database that won’t need to move this year and ask them three big financial questions.
• Once the realtor understands this concept, they get very excited. It allows them to have conversations with their clients.
• Then, we try to fill a room with about twenty realtors, and each of them can contribute to building an event of even two hundred people.

[10:30] If one hundred people show up, what does the typical math look like?
• Most will be couples, so we can look at it as fifty. Of those fifty, about half will fill out a form. Then, we’ll contact them and convert half again into an actual transaction.
• Besides these, even more opportunities will present themselves to me.

[12:21] Talk to me about how competing realtors will work together at these events.
• They all bring their own clients and aren’t worried about them being stolen.
• The information is directed to the client and can be executed by any realtor, but the client will go with the one who invited them to this event.
• The realtors also split the costs of the event.

[14:45] Walk me through how you’re able to turn this strategy into two deals from just one phone call.
• Clients call when it’s time to renew asking for the lowest rate, and I ask them if I can share how my other clients are going to be able to pay off their mortgages faster.

[17:10] The numbers show us that people are excited about having more than one property.
• The goal of the presentation is for clients to leave and then know why people invest in real estate.
• The investment profit numbers are generally five hundred percent higher in real estate.

[19:23] How much real estate do you currently own?
• Me and my brother own nine properties and are about to close on our tenth.
• First-time home buyers are often going to their parents, who then get a line of credit on their own home. It’s noble, but it’s better to have a second property that doesn’t affect their lifestyle.

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