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Today we are joined by Frank Garay, Founder of the National Real Estate Post and partner in Listing Booster. Frank is here to discuss what spurred on the creation of the National Real Estate Post and why brokers need to start using Listing Booster right now.

[2:57] Tell us about the National Real Estate Post and how it spun off into Listing Booster.

  • It started in 2007 during the financial crisis to inspire my team.
  • I started making and uploading videos everyday and it blew up.
  • I gained a lot of sponsors in the mortgage space and also started revenue sharing, which didn’t work out.
  • After meeting with the creator of Listing Booster, Kevin Bilberry, and learning more about it, we bought in as partners.

[7:48] How would you describe what Listing Booster does in a sentence?

  • It allows loan officers and real estate agents to co-market and create first generation internet leads directly to themselves off of their own personal listing.
  • Different from Zillo and other platforms because it uses the actual listing and stops the need for filtering leads.
  • Zillo sells leads off of listings and the posting agent doesn’t necessarily get the leads.

[10:05] How has Listing Booster changed over time?

  • We discovered it was easy to get a loan agent excited about it and bring them on board to see the value, but then they can’t be consistent with it as originators.
  • When COVID hit, we took a big hit. Nobody knew what was going to happen and people were dropping overheads.
  • We became a boutique service. We boost all the listings for the agents and offer lead follow-ups.

[13:27] How many of your users do lead follow ups themselves compared to having your team do it?

  • We’re really good at convincing the agents to do follow up.
  • We still have our lead conversion team that follow up anyway.

[15:03] Can you share a client success story with us?

  • We had a loan officer that didn’t have a lot of agents, only 2 or 3. They had a few listings each but he needed more agents.
  • We become liaisons for realtors; we talk to them several times a week for the officers.
  • Through networking, we find can find them agents.
  • We got someone to join, and the loan officer could see his listings populating in real time.

[17:35] What reasons do you typically call the agents for?

  • Any time they get a new listing, we call.
  • When we post the listings onto social media platforms, we call them to let them know.
  • When leads come in.
  • We always ask if there’s anything else the officer can do or if they have any referrals.

[19:58] When you’re boosting them, are you running ads for them too?

  • No, we don’t run any paid ads.

[20:12] What’s in the future for Listing Booster?

  • We just released the ability to share listings with other agents in their office with permission.
  • Kevin has something coming, but he wants it to be a surprise.
  • We also created a property search channel on Roku called Key Boom.

[24:35] Is it geographically restricted in anyway?

  • No not at all.


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