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Joining Scott in today’s episode is Greg Williamson, winner of Mortgage Broker of the Year and Founder of Finmo. The two talk about lessons and failures as a mortgage broker, and Greg shares the vision that he sees for Finmo.

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[2:28] How did you get into the mortgage business?

  • I was recruited by the Royal Bank on-campus the year I graduated.
  • About a year after, I started working at Investors Group running their commission mortgage program.
  • I started my brokerage in 1997 and have been an agent since then.
  • In the mortgage space alone, I’ve built and sold three businesses.

[6:35] Can you share an example of something you failed at and a lesson you learned from it?

  • When the bottom fell out of Calgary in 2008, I was severely over-leveraged in commercial buildings.
  • I thought I could be the next king of landlording and real estate development, but the truth is I knew nothing about that business.
  • It hurt me personally and financially.
  • The lesson is that when things are going well, I need to check my hubris.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs feel the need to prove to everyone that they’re amazing, and I certainly fell into that category.

[9:21] If you went to a new city and didn’t have a network, what would you do in the first 90 days if you had to build a mortgage business?

  • This is exactly what it was like when I moved to Calgary. The only people I knew were my family members that came with me.
  • I would meet as many top realtors as I could and pitch to them that I’m building a certain service for a certain group of people.
  • Realtors are the number-one source of business for any new agent.

[11:43] What’s an idea that you wish you would have pursued?

  • I love the idea of credit repair; that idea of allowing people to repair their credit through loans.

[12:32] Where did the idea for Finmo come from?

  • My partner, Carter Zimmerman, was running ads for me about five years ago.
  • He was discovering that there was a sharp drop off of lead conversion during the application stage.
  • After drafting the first proposal, we got a bunch of large, influential brokers to do the first round of funding.
  • Consumers today want a digital experience for everything, so why not mortgages?
  • From day one, everything we do is based on what’s best for the consumer.

[16:38] What kind of feedback have you been getting from users?

  • The biggest concerns people have in tech are if it is reliable and how hard it is to learn. We do really well in those categories.
  • Our users are continuously grateful that our service just works.

[18:45] How do you interact with your users but not allow feature creep to destroy the experience?

  • We’re really careful so that if just one person asks for something, we know it may not necessarily be important to us.
  • We had a business partnership opportunity where they wanted us to do one thing. We wouldn’t do it because it didn’t align with our vision.

[21:50] What is the vision for Finmo?

  • The vision is a mortgage a minute. The time that a customer wants a mortgage to the time they’re approved is minutes, not days or weeks.
  • It a three-step project. The first step was, how do we get the information from the customer into the already manual experience as efficiently as possible?
  • The second step is telling the customer exactly what documents they’ll need.
  • Phase three is working with lenders on filtering.

[27:43] How is Finmo different from other platforms?

  • I believe we’re the only customer-centric product. I think other competitors in the space are building tools for brokers.
  • Also, we’re the only viable, independent alternative. We’re not owned by networks; we’re owned by brokers.

[29:00] Rapid fire questions.

  • What’s one thing or habit that’s made you successful?: My morning routine. I’ve been running for years. If I’m feeling down, I know I just need to double down. I also meditate every morning.
  • What book do you recommend?: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. It’s a game changer.
  • What’s another tool or app that you think can help brokers?: Pipedrive and Zapier are both great.
  • If I wrote you a check for $100,000 and you had to spend it on your mortgage business, what would you do?: I would get an excellent underwriter/deal support person. If you’re good at doing deals, you should not be doing paperwork. I should only be in front of people who are going to give me money.

[36:51] Anything else I should have asked you?

  • Nothing comes to mind, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you for inviting me.

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