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I decided to run a Facebook experiment and I thought I would document the results. This serves a double purpose.

First by taking the time to document my results it ensures I am paying attention and I hope it means I will be more careful with my advertising money. The second benefit is you get to learn from my experience.

I decided to test the waters with Facebook advertising and below is what I did:

The Plan:

I recently saved a client over $4,000 by doing a mid-term renewal and she was ecstatic. I thought how can I take advantage of this awesome situation?

I just happened to have a giant company cheque laying around, everyone does right? I wrote her name and the amount saved and emailed a picture to my client.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 09.49.10

She was happy for me to share.

I decided to create an ad with the copy below. My budget was a whopping $15 for 3 days, or $5 a day.

Screenshot 2015-08-18 16.21.14

The Goal:

I included a call to action inviting people to schedule a quick chat if they would like to see if we can save them money.

The Results:

We had exactly 0 booked calls from the ad.

The ad was viewed 211 times with organic reach and 1,426 times with paid reach.

We had a total of 44 clicks.

The ad was liked 18 times (Fans = 10 likes, Non-Fans = 8 likes)

Breakdown of Likes

Realtors = 7 likes

Mortgage Broker = 1 like

Lawyer = 1 like

Total spend = $15.00


Was it worth it?

From a time perspective it took me about 10 minutes to shoot and create the ad. I was able to get our brand in a positive light in front of 1,400 more people than if I had not run the ad. However I don’t personally put a lot of value in brand recognition as a small business owner. I am more concerned with my return on investment.

Would I do it again?

There is probably a strategy for taking one positive message a week and applying a small spend, say $15, to stay top of mind with your followers.

My next step:

I realized I am out of my depth when it comes to Facebook ads. (I am a Mortgage Broker not a Facebook Expert.)

However, I have a friend who has made a ridiculous amount of money selling products and services on Facebook and he has agreed to help me with my next campaign.

If you would like to see the results once I have had a professional help please make sure to sign up for our FB Testing for Mortgage Brokers below.