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Facebook Group Community Guidelines

By being part of this group you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree, then this group isn’t for you.

1. Purpose – The group was created to help Brokers connect with other Brokers. By sharing ideas, best practices and strategies in a private secure setting we all get better.

2. File Help* – If you are looking for deal help please be certain to include the following details at a minimum: LTV, credit profile, property province and city, and any challenges with the deal. (This group has significantly improved my underwriting ability.I’m amazed all of the stuff I have been learning.)

3. Lenders – ILMB is open to lenders. Without lenders, we have nothing to broker! If you are a lender you are absolutely welcome here. If you see a deal question that you can help with please jump in and don’t be shy.

4. Be Nice – If you are a jerk, you’ll be kicked out. No second chances. This is a place for helping others.

5. Commenting – Posting links to personal blog posts or content as a comment is acceptable, provided it is helpful to everyone who would read the post and is not self-promotion.

6. Confidentiality – If someone posts something personal please do not share outside of the group.

7. Adding People to Other Groups/Pages – Adding people to other public groups or public pages is strictly prohibited. If someone has added you to a public group that you didn’t ask to be added to message me and we will deal with the offending individual.

8. Private messages – Do not personal message people or email people spamming them after you find them in this group. Pitching to people in a private message will get you kicked from the group. If someone reports this activity, you will be kicked.

9. Self-Promotion – This group is not for promotion of personal products or services. If you have a product or service that may help mortgage brokers please message me (Scott Peckford) to discuss doing a paid product review through ILMB.

10.Events – If you have a FREE event, webinar, training session, etc please message us to post in the events tab of the group. We want to avoid repeated posts of the same event in the group news feed.

File Help Template

This will make it easier for others to give you good feedback and help.

Location:  Province, City
Credit: Score, issues
Type: Purchase, Renewal, Construction, etc
LTV: Insured/Conventional

Challenge: Specific challenge you are finding with this file.

Posting Etiquette: If you post a question, especially for a tricky or complicated file, it is considered good manners to post a follow up and share what happened, or what you learned.

Posting a follow up is like saying thank you to all of the people who took the time to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Scott Peckford

ILMB Media