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Since first appearing on the show, Eitan’s business has doubled in size. On this episode, he shares about his 9 step process for dealing with loans and which members of his team take care of which parts of the loan. He also shares some tools he uses to build his business, which is primarily based around working with realtors. His advice is ideal for those looking to build their database of real estate agents.

Eitan Pinsky is a broker with Pinsky Mortgages, based in Vancouver, BC.

Eitan is a past guest of ILMB, and you can find his previous episode here.



Eitan’s Quotes

  • I don’t believe in cold introductions.
  • Personality is a major factor in relationships.

Good Stuff

  • [2:20] What is one thing people can’t find out about you from Google.
  • [3:19] What’s something that’s been working for you in your business?
  • [3:51] Our systems and processes; the 9 stage process.
  • [4:09] What are the 9 different steps?
  • [4:57] How do you track the process for your client?
  • [5:30] What CRM do you use?
  • [5:39] We use Zoho and OTTO. You don’t need to pay someone to customize it.
  • [6:43] What does your team look like?
  • [7:56] What percentage of people and clients do you personally meet with?
  • [9:37] How do you know when to hire the next person?
  • [10:54] What kind of marketing do you do?
  • [11:23] And you work primarily with realtors?
  • [12:35] So you make educational-based content?
  • [13:49] How do you meet new realtors?
  • [14:50] How were your numbers this year?
  • [15:16] I don’t believe in cold introductions.
  • [17:14] Personality is a major factor in relationships.
  • [18:01] Tell us about how you choose your locations to target.
  • [18:50] What is something you learned in the last year that you wish you knew sooner?
  • [20:11] What do you do on the back-end of a deal to take care of your clients?
  • [20:55] We send out a newsletter every month.
  • [23:34] We only have so much time in the day. It is important to delegate well.
  • [24:34] Do you have any apps or tools you use which help you in your business?
  • [25:45] How important is your mic for your business?
  • [27:01] How many weeks of vacation do you take a year?

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