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    Denis Brunet is a top producing mortgage broker in Winnipeg, MB. He has been a mortgage broker for 25 years.

    Denis shares how he has been able to keep his business exciting and growing by helping more non-bankable clients. He shares how he is using an Accounts Receivable Factoring to diversify his income.


    Years as a Broker: 25

    Brokerage: Mortgage Architects

    Team Size: 7


    [shadowbox]”Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi[/shadowbox]


    Raving Fans, Ken Blanchard


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    [1st listen]

    What one thing are you going to change or improve after listening to this interview?

    I was reminded I need to trust my team more. I tend to be like Denis and have my fingers in every part of a transaction. Instead I need to be focusing on the few things I do really well and trust my team. I know mistakes will happen, I made lots of mistakes learning this business and one of the best ways for my team to learn is to be allowed to fail.

    He also inspired me to remove work email from my phone during family time. I have noticed on more than one occasion I would be with my wife or kids and I would get a work email that required a long answer, or some calculations done. Instead of being in the moment with my family I would check out mentally and start figuring out an answer. I wouldn’t actually respond to the email and I wouldn’t be WITH my family. I was basically doing both poorly. Instead, I now turn email off on weekends and evenings. -Thanks Denis!