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    Dean Larson’s seven years as a mortgage broker may not be as long as many other brokers have hurdled, but his short but successful stint proves time and again how a well managed team is key to your overall business success.

    In this interview, Dean shares some of his principles and key take outs on why it mattes a lot that your team members know and understand what their roles are and what is expected of them.


    Years as a Broker: 7

    Brokerage: Verico

    Team Size: 16


    [shadowbox]”Always tell the truth and you will never have trouble remembering what you said.” – Unknown[/shadowbox]

    [shadowbox]”Treat others the way you wanted to be treated.” – Unknown[/shadowbox]


    Towers of Gold Feet of Clay by Walter Stewart


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    RESOURCE – Web based CRM


    • Why everybody in your team needs to understand what their roles and what is expected of them.
    • How better customer experience can make or break your business
    • How to work smarter to free your weekends


    After our conversation I decided I needed to look at my client experience more closely. In particular, I realized I needed a reminder system to follow up with the lawyer once a file has been instructed. In the past we have done this in a haphazard way.We now have a follow up template we run once a file has been instructed to remind us to connect with the lawyer and client regarding the instructions.

    What one thing are you going to change or improve after listening to this interview?