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One of the big benefits of the ILMB Facebook Group is the ability to Crowdsource answers to your deal problems or even just your every day challenges of being a Broker. Before you decide to post that question take a minute to search a key word or two. You may find an entire discussion has already happened around your question and you may find your answers in a matter of seconds.

Below is an example of how to do this:

Step 1 – Search a key word in the Group search bar

Step 2 – Find a post that has already had your question

Step 3 – Confirm the answer via underwriter or BDM

Bonus Step – Go back to the post that helped you and post a thank you or give it a thumbs up. If you do you will get 3 deals in the next month. Okay, that is not true, but it is good manners to say thanks when someone has taken the time to help you. 🙂

Not a member of the Group yet? You can join here. (Sorry it is for Mortgage Brokers and Lenders only.)

Below is an image outlining the 3 steps I took to find an answer to a question on switching a rental:


How to CrowdSource on ILMB