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Become a Deal Creator

Want to recruit 10+ REALTORS® to your business in the next 90 days?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 [11:00] AM  PDT

  • Attend the training
  • Discover Deal Creation
  • Recruit REALTORS®

Master the art of deal creation

We have developed a very simple plan you can use to partner with top Real Estate Agents and create deals from their database. The truth is only 10% of REALTORS® past clients need them in any given year. In our upcoming Deal Creation Training we will show you why there has never been a better time to master deal creation.

  • Why being a deal giver rarely works and what to do instead
  • How to create deals without ever leaving your office
  • Why it is easier to recruit top agents with deal creation
  • How to add hundreds of quality leads to your database every month
  • How to stop the, “Give me a lead, to get a lead” nonsense.
  • How to have REALTORS® be grateful to work with you

Stop giving deals to get deals. Master deal creation and become irresistible to REALTORS® 

Use this time to master a new skill

1. Register for the live training

2. Become a deal creator

3. Recruit top agents

What makes deal creation so special?

It’s all about adding massive value

Stop having to ask REALTORS® for handouts
Flip the script on the REALTOR®/MLO relationship
Have a value proposition that really works
Become an invaluable member of your referral partner’s team

Here’s what people are saying about the Create 5 Strategy:

Current and past clients of our exclusive 10 Loans a Month coaching program absolutely love the Create 5 Strategy. They’ve learned to stop playing the, “Give me a lead and I’ll give you a lead” game, stopped asking REALTORS® for handouts, and instead have flipped the script on the REALTOR®/MLO relationship by deploying a value proposition that actually works to create deals for everyone.

Cheryl Shaw testimonial image

Cheryl Shaw

Axiom Mortgage Solutions

I found the quality of the coaching in this program wonderful!

By implementing the strategies, my volume is up 3x since last year before I joined! My time with 10 Loans a Month helped improve my mindset and grow my confidence which led me to have a solid plan and purposeful schedule. Now, I am on top of everything and feeling good about going forward with my business!

Christina Pentlichuk testimonial photo

Christina Pentlichuk

Mortgage Alliance

The customized tools Scott provides are current and relevant…

When I left the banking industry as a Mortgage Specialist and joined the world as a Mortgage Agent, I knew I was going to have to change the way I was used to doing business. To be honest, I was more unprepared than I had expected given my previous background and experience! Replacing my referral sources and learning how to stand out as an Authority in the market place were tools that I needed an Scott and his team delivered!

Gareth Cahill testimonial photo

Gareth Cahill

Dominion Lending Centres

Great stuff, and thanks team, it’s been terrific!

I rejoined the 10 Loans a Month Programs recently and followed the provided strategies. The team really nailed it and really made it easy! The feedback has been tremendous. Within one day, the emails and requests from clients and agents have started to come in; must have generated a good 5 immediate leads from it and we will see how that pans out.

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