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Paul Taylor is the CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada based in Toronto, ON. He began the position in January 2016. Prior to this, Paul was Director of Operations with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. He graduated from the Ivey School of Business with an Executive MBA in Business Administration and Management.

Paul talks about what led him to the position of CEO with MPC, his priorities moving forward, and his vision for the future of the organization.




Paul’s Quotes

  • Mortgage Professionals Canada is a group of individuals that work in a particular industry that support each other in their own professional endeavors. 

Good Stuff

  • [1:34] Tell us a bit about your story.
  • [4:08] How was your previous position with IBAO similar to MPC?
  • [5:22] There are noticeable similarities in the day-to-day operations of value to its members, though the industry itself is quite different.
  • [6:15] How long have you been at the helm of MPC?
  • [6:26] Can you share something you’ve learned from a past experience of failure?
  • [8:09] Investing time in the due diligence on the front end of a job saves a whole lot of time, and potential embarrassment, later on.
  • [8:22] Hire slowly, fire quickly. Make sure you form partnerships slowly and understand their skill sets.
  • [8:44] Can you expand on the terminology of agents and brokers in Ontario?
  • [9:00] In Ontario, an insurance agent is “captive” and a broker can offer the products and services of numerous insurers.
  • [9:49] How many members were a part of IBAO compared to MPC?
  • [10:09] What led you to your current position with MPC?
  • [11:44] Can you share a bit about yourself?
  • [13:09] What’s one thing people couldn’t find out about you from Google?
  • [14:10] What are you excited about for MPC, and what is your vision for the future?
  • [15:57] Our priorities are to increase government relations, increase overall membership base and engagement, and increase consumer awareness of the value of using a mortgage broker (in no particular order).
  • [18:13] MPC is a group of individuals that work in a particular industry that support each other in their own professional endeavors.
  • [19:01] We want people to have the opportunity to ask questions in a peer-to-peer support group.
  • [19:44] We also want to run more local educational events.
  • [20:47] From a member engagement perspective, I want people to start seeing MPC as their local community.
  • [21:01] We’ve increased our budget for consumer advertising.
  • [22:42] What’s something you’re excited about for the upcoming Mortgage Professionals Canada National Conference in Vancouver this November?
  • [24:25] Anything else to add?
  • [25:31] The association works when it’s a community.



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