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Andrew Soss is our guest this week. Andrew is the owner of the Soss Mortgage team in Newport Beach California. He does over 100 million in business a year, and he attributes it to his strong online reviews and having his amazing team.  Andrew also shares a list of 12 questions you should ask yourself when hiring a new employee.


  • Location: Newport Beach, California


Time Stamped Show Notes

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    • [4:53] Online reviews were one of the main activities that helped grow my business.
    • [6:30] Yelp has strong SEO for Google. If you google me, my website does not come up first, but my Yelp page does.
    • [8:55] It’s not about the number of reviews you have. It’s how many you have in relation to your market.
    • [9:43] The 3 pillars of my business have been: 1/3 Yelp 1/3 Referrals 1/3 Realtors.
    • [11:29] How is Zillow different than Yelp?
    • [14:05] I’m trying to spread my reviews over all the review sites. Google, Yelp, Facebook etc.
    • [15:20] Do you ask for reviews? How do you get people to leave reviews?
      • We start the customer process with the expectation of a 5-star service.
      • You have to watch out on Yelp. They don’t like people soliciting reviews; they want them to happen organically.
    • [19:30] I don’t thank people for their reviews. I only reply to poor reviews and always own it.
      • [21:30] You run a 100 million dollar brokerage. How did you build your team?
        • Getting the right people in place is difficult.
      • [21:50] 12 questions you have to ask yourself when hiring.
      • [24:55] Building a team in the mortgage industry is like building an assembly line.
      • [26:00] One way we stand out from competitors is by sending out a really robust pre-approval package. It includes redacted copies of their credit scores and proof of funds to show that our team is on the ball.
      • [34:45] I make sure to hire people who can roll with the punches. Their role is always going to change because I’m always looking for ways to improve the process.
      • [35:45] Do you use any tests or personality profiles when you’re hiring?
        • Most of my hires come from referrals.
        • I’ll hire the person, not the resume.
      • [40:45] What advice would you give the person that finds it hard to hire someone?
        • The hardest hire of my career was the first.
      • [44:35] There is no perfect CRM.
      • [48:30] What advice do you have for me and Jewels for the 100 Million Dollar Journey?
        • Focus on the long term and build your database.
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