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Chase has been a broker for 7 years with Dominion Lending Centres in Fort St. John, BC. He loves music, brokering, and making solid relationships with realtors.

Chase’s Quotes

  • Work more on yourself than you do on your job
  • Failure is a gateway to success

Good Stuff

  • Have your clients pre-fill application to save time. Don’t send clients home with homework
  • Perseveres by staying in touch with realtors multiple times a week
  • Saw a plateau in mortgage business volume, and lots of clients who were rate shopping. Chase refined the flow of clients meeting
  • Engage clients in meetings by having them help make calculations
  • Believes in commercial real estate; Chase bought his own office building
  • Work ethic and consistency
  • Small things add up to big things
  • Sees alt-A business growing in the future

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